NorthEast Business Network
Branding and Marketing Applied to Video

Who We Are

James O'Hare- President-CEO

Experience spanning from 1984 to present in broadcast television and film.  A graduate of PBU.  Large production networks consistently rely on James to design visual media solutions.  Our determination targets a myriad of abilities to connect viewers to their many matrix and programming. 


Derrick Craig, Brian Goddard and Jay lead the audio and production dept.  HBO, ShowTime, ABC,NBC,CBS, NFL Films, MTV, MLB Productions, TLC, Discovery, Scripps, CNN, Dreamworks, NBA Entertainment, Fox, Comcast, Miramax are some of their credentials.

Bonnie  is a researcher for us.. she brings to the table 2 bachelors degrees and 2 masters degrees and many more certifications. 

Craig is our tech guru, he quite literally pioneered live stream programming.  He is also relied on as a camera op, audio engineer, lighting DP and production head.

Ben, Ryan, head up editing and they know as much about work flow and storytelling as we could possibly imagine.

Lauren writes scripts, she continually writes for Wall Street Journal and many other publications and has many accolades.

Leslie is a Photographer.  Bringing 20 years of experience... f-stop, aperture, shutter speed and lenses breathe in her nature.

Mike is an editor, photog, and Dit.  Free spirit and creative. A backbone to many of our projects.

Francis has been a cinematographer for years,  If you have ever watched TV you have seen and enjoyed his work, and has a few Emmy's to boot.

Alexander edits and is on the production crew and involved in post production.   Young and talented, Alex brings a veracious new way of thinking creatively.  

H.N. Johnson represents over 20 yrs experience in marketing, communication and training.  He is vested in our new ventures and general marketing responsibilities.  A friend and a partner.. he adds more wisdom than a delphi oracle.

Kellen has been in this business for 5 years, talented and aggressive, creative and inspiring.  He has a keenness that continues to be unwavering.

Fred Ritter is our advertising marketing manager.  Fred has bean in the advertising and marketing business since 1979.  He has worked with high end ad agencies for years.  Fred has experience in design, concept development, branding, print presentations, sales, marketing and more.  Fred is invaluable, his efforts and importance is immeasurable.

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